Chrome Extension Maker

Tap Into the Potential Traffic of Over 1 Billion Chrome Users by Turning Your Website Into a Chrome Extension

In less than 3 minutes our revolutionary software will turn any Web Page or Website into a Traffic Guzzling Chrome Extension. You Can Increase Sales, Build an Email List, Gain More Exposure to Your Affiliate Offer and much more.

Why Create a Chrome Extension Out of Your Website or Web Page?

  • As of August 2016, 72.4% of all internet users primarily utilize Chrome as their web browser.  W3School
  • 1 Billion+ Active Users
  • Creates a Powerful Backlink to Your Website
  • Exposes Your Business to a Whole New Audience
  • People Find You without Marketing or Advertising
  • 100% Free Traffic
  • 4,021 Extensions are Downloaded Every Second

Create an Unlimited Number of Extensions

When you purchase a license for the Chrome Extension Maker you can create an Unlimited Number of Chrome Extensions.  Your only limitations will be the number of ideas and web pages you have.

Get Tons of Free Traffic

When you create a Chrome Extension and immediately expose yourself to over 1 Billion Chrome User you will see a flood of 100% Free Traffic coming to your website.

Great for SEO

With every Chrome Extension you publish you get a powerful, high quality backlink from the Chrome Web Store.

Sell Your Chrome Extension

Do you have a website or web page with cool functionality?

In an exciting new development Google now allows you to sell your Chrome Extension for a flat fee or monthly reoccurring commission!

Chrome Extension Examples

Here are a couple of live examples of Chrome Extensions created with our software.  The first is a website one of our customers turned into an Extension.  The second is a Web Application we turned into a Chrome Extension.

Made by a Customer


FB Poster

Made by Us in 2 Minutes


Power Strategy

Do you run a Wordpress website?  Download one of the 1,000's of Free Plugins that have cool functionality.  Then create a Chrome Extention out of the page that has the functionality. 

You can list your new Extension as Free in the Chrome Web Store, you can charge a flat fee or you can charge a reoccurring subscription fee.

Rinse and Repeat!  How many traffic guzzling and/or money making Chrome Extension​s can you create in the next 30 days?

Easy 2 Step Process

How It Works

With Chrome Extension Maker you can specify any URL during the creation process.  The Extension, when downloaded by users will place an icon within the Chrome Extension Bar as show below.  When clicked on it will open the page you have specified. 

It Is As Simple As That

Here is How Easy It is to Create a Chrome Extension

In this video we create a Chrome Extension in 1 minute and 20 seconds, and that was with us explaining what we were doing!

Yes It Is This Easy

  • Give Your Extension a Name & a Short Name
  • Give Your Extension a 132 character Description
  • Create a Version Number & Supply the URL You Want Opened
  • Supply the Icon Images
  • Upload the Generated Zip Folder to the Chrome Web Store

That's It.  You Now Have a Published Chrome Extension!

Easily create Chrome Extension for masive website traffic.


If for any reason you are unable to create your Chrome Extension we will give you a complete refund, no questions asked.  We will support you every step of the way and have yet to have a customer ask for a refund.